What We've Got Planned for this Fall

Our Mission


Ours is a different kind of education.

Most schools promise to give your children the tools they will need to be successful in life.

At Freogan Fellowship Learning, we ask what "success" means. And we recognize that the answer will be unique to each child.

Our core values include encouraging independent thinking, nurturing passions, and building strong community. They can best be summed up in the two words:


Independence and connection.

Superficially, the two values might seem at odds with each other. But we say that each is necessary for the other: 

Without independence of thought and expression, there is no authenticity, and there can be no real connection. And without connection, any independence is empty and meaningless. 


What we offer:

Beginning in the fall of 2021, we will be offering to our members a selection of online core courses in the humanities. These will include history, literature, economics and philosophy. These courses will be taught live, and students will be able to interact both with instructors and with each other.

For 2021, we will be offering classes for teens. We hope to expand our offerings to other ages very soon.

We will also work with our members to assist them in building community in the Freogan Fellowship spirit, and creating social events and in-person learning activities wherever they are. 

These will include dances and parties, holiday celebrations, tutorials in real-life skills such as gardening, farming, building, cooking and food preservation, as well as sporting events and academic and creative activities.


Who we are:

The Freogan Fellowship Ministry is a private membership association whose mission is to rebuild the deep foundations of society that we feel have been eroded and supplanted in recent generations. 

We work to create education that honors the deeper needs of children and teens; to create care for those with special needs and for the elderly that is respectful of the individuals being served; and to facilitate the provision of healthcare that respect individual choices, and that is not limited to solutions promulgated by any one industry.

Freogan Fellowship Learning is the educational arm of the Freogan Fellowship Ministry.




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