Double Your Freedom Learning!
Two Months Ago, Josh Mawhorter Was Fired From His Teaching Job Because He Wouldn't Take The Covid-19 Vaccine. Now He's Teaching For Us.

Who We Are



We believe that most of "education" is badly broken. At the end of 2021, this is not a very controversial statement. What is less certain though is what to do about it.


What we believe:

1. We believe that children and teens deserve to have classes in the humanities that are not dominated by ideological goals (not even our own), but are devoted to a study of the discipline itself.

2. We believe that the best education both challenges the intellect and nourishes the soul.

3. We believe that for a society of free people to flourish, it must have members who are capable of independent thought, rational inquiry, and moral discernment. Without these critical qualities, we descend into... well, into the world we see around us today.


What we're doing:

1. We are offering LIVE online classes for teens (we hope to add classes for other ages a little later), in the humanities: History, literature, economics, philosophy, etc.

Why live, and not recorded? There is an abundance of wonderful educational content available online now. We use some of it with our own kids. But we also believe that there is something of great importance in being able to engage in a serious study of a subject in a group of one's peers, and with an instructor who can interact with students and help to guide them. (Even better if this experience can be in person, and we hope one day to be able to offer that too.)

We do also plan to offer recorded versions of some of our online classes, as a supplement to the live classes.

2. Our classes encourage and nurture independent thinking, are intellectually challenging and stimulating, and help teach students to think critically about important matters.

3. Many of our classes teach about topics that we believe are critical for members of a free society to understand. Things like the fundamental principles of economics, how the US Constitution works (and how it doesn't), the difference between common law and statutory law, and the history of liberty itself. 

We are explicitly not a STEM-focused program. We have nothing against the sciences, engineering, or mathematics. And indeed, we may even include some courses in those areas if they fit with our broader mission. But there is already plenty of STEM instruction out there for those who want it. We feel that the greatest deficit right now is in the humanities, and it is that deficit that we seek to address.


If you share our vision for the future of education, if you have teens who might be interested in some of our classes, or if you just want to learn more, please sign up for updates from us (see the banner at the top of this page) or drop us a line!




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