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An Open Letter to My Pro-Obama Friends


From my article on today's Campaign for Liberty site:

"Most of you know that I supported neither McCain nor Obama, that I view them as equally opposed to peace and freedom and equally ignorant of sound economic principles.  I wasn't going to be happy with the election results no matter who won, so I can at least be glad that some of my friends are happy, and I am.  And after his first few days in office, even I have to admit that Obama has done some very good things for which he is receiving well-deserved praise.  It is not my intention to dismiss these accomplishments, nor is it my intent to rain on anyone's parade.  But I do want to ask you all a big favor. 

I'm going to make some predictions about Obama's presidency.  Essentially, I'm going to predict that four years from now, an Obama presidency will not look very different from the George W. Bush presidency, or from what I imagine a John McCain presidency would bring.  If I'm wrong about this, then I promise that I will re-think my beliefs about our political system and about politics generally.  But if I am right, then I'm asking you to do the same.  I'm asking each of you to consider the seemingly bizarre proposition that there really is no significant difference between candidates offered up by the established party system; that Republican and Democrat are virtually indistinguishable; and that neither party has at heart the interests of you or me or "the American people."  I'm asking you to consider the possibility that continuing to vote for these people just helps to perpetuate the very ills you seek to cure."

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