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Oh, and by the Way... (Unvaccinated Schoolchildren Don't Pose Any Significant Risk to Immunocompromised Kids)


A new publication from Physicians for Informed Consent demonstrates why mandatory vaccination for schoolchildren doesn't actually help immunocompromised children in any significant way. This was one of the major arguments that the pharma employees politicians used to get SB277 passed in California. And it's just wrong.

What the publication doesn't say is that in some cases, vaccination can actually put those around the vaccinated child at higher risk. Pertussis (Whooping Cough) is a good example of this: The vaccine does absolutely nothing to prevent the colonization and spreading of the Pertussis bacteria, so even kids who are vaccinated against it, and are then exposed to it, are still able to pass it on to others. What the vaccine does do though is lessen the symptoms in those who are vaccinated. What this means is that children who are infected with Whooping Cough are less likely to realize they have it, and are therefore more likely to go to school, or to be in social/public situations where they may contaminate others.

I'm reprinting the entire document here (all three pages!) Citations are on the last page:



Physiciansforinformedconsent_org p2



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