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Remembering Andrea

Welcome to Chaos Garden


Dinosaur garden 1


I'm sure many of you have heard of "prehistoric plants." Probably you've seen them in movies, looked at pictures of them in dinosaur books, maybe even seen a living one in a zoo that collects specimins of ancient vegetation.

I'm here to tell you that it's all a lie. "Prehistoric plants" are nothing more than someone's collards gone unattended for a few years. And I've got proof. Look:

Dinosaur collards


This is a collard plant. It's been growing in Chaos Garden for, I don't know, maybe two years now. Maybe three.  A few years back, I put a lot of effort into the garden: Planted a bunch of stuff, fed and watered it all, set up a rudimentary irrigation system. I even weeded sometimes. Things grew, and it was great. Then Life happened. And for a few years, I really didn't have time to do very much anything at all in the garden. And that's how Chaos Garden happened.

Without my doing very much anything at all, some plants just continued to thrive. Here, kind of, is what it looked like:

W bird house 1


What you can't see are the climbing spinach plants on the other side, scaling the backs of the weeds.

Yes, climbing spinach.

I also had "wild" pumpkins/kabocha, which had re-seeded themselves from the previous year:

Wild kabocha

I also had an absolutely beautiful African Basil plant that withstood three "winters" and grew to be about four feet tall and at least as long. Sadly, it was crushed last spring, by an overzealous tomato plant which is now going on its fourth (I believe) year.


African Basil 1


Bees LOVE African Basil, by the way:


Bee 3


So that's my garden. Chaos Garden. I'll be posting about it from time to time, when it serves us up with unexpected delights or unidentifiable edibles. I might even post some gardening tips from time to time, although honestly the biggest lesson I've learned from these last few years is: Abject neglect isn't going to kill everything, and it will make some things better.