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Who Are All those Anti-Vaxxers, Anyway?

Why Have You Never Seen this Doctor?




This is Dr. Toni Bark. You've probably never seen her, or heard her views before, and there's a reason for that. 

Dr. Bark is one of the doctors and scientists most of the media wants you to believe don't exist. You know: Doctors and scientists who are critical of vaccines and don't believe they are as safe as their manufacturers claim they are. The mainstream narrative on this is that "vaccines are safe and effective", the "science is settled" on the vaccine:autism connection (it is not), and "those who refuse to vaccinate their own children are putting everyone else at risk." (They aren't.)

It is almost understandable that the companies that make and sell vaccines would be less than honest about the downsides of their products. Common sense tells us to treat those who have an interest in selling us something as if... well, as if they're trying to sell us something. 

But what is the media trying to sell us? Why does the media go along with the narrative pushed by the manufacturers and sellers of vaccines? Why have you (in all likelihood) never heard from Dr. Bark or the many others who have legitimate concerns about vaccine safety? Don't take my word for it: Look for yourself. Pull up any number of the flood of articles that have been written over the past few years on the vaccine controversy. See if you can find any where the writer actually interviews someone not on the pro-vaccine side of the debate. You won't. Then ask yourself whether you think it's a little odd, in covering a "controversy", to only speak with those on one side of the issue.

Here is Dr. Bark, voicing some of those concerns in yesterday's hearings on proposed vaccine mandates in Washington State. (You probably won't see this on CNN).