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Daily Log: Pulling Weeds



Now that we have a trampoline, I can let my little girl bounce and play on that while I do garden work, and don't need anyone else to supervise her. We did this today, and I spent a lot of time pulling weeds. I don't like to make these things personal, but... it IS personal. And I have to admit that I HATE those weeds. Especially the ones with the little spade-shaped leaves, that grow inches overnight and turn into these vicious, grasping, clenching vine-like things. I HATE them. And the thing about weeds, that I've come to realize after years of dealing with them is... they always come back. You pull them and you pull them and you try out the latest "sure-fire" technique for getting rid of them, or for not allowing them to grow in the first place, but damnit they just come back anyway. And you have to pull them all over again.

This one, in the picture, was a particularly nasty weed, and I have to say it got very personal this afternoon. The thing is, I let this one go for too long and it got huge. Huge like the size of a small bush - taller than my little orange tree whose roots I'm sure it was trying to strangle. So yes, it got personal. Strong words were used. But I got him. Ripped him up by the roots. And I don't like to feel that way about other living creatures. I don't want to feel as if the weeds are my "enemies." But they are. And I think, deep down inside their heartless little roots, they know they are, too.

Well that's all I have to say about weeds today. And this post counts as both the "personal" and "current events" portions of my log.