These Three Things Should Mean an Immediate End to the Lockdowns
The Pandemic Isn't the Threat, the Paradigm Is

Cop Served After Arresting Mom on Playground



When police in Idaho, enforcing lockdown orders there, arrested a mom who had brought her children to play in a playground area that had been closed off, this is what happened (above.)

People are always asking me "what can we do" to combat government violation of our rights, and to create a free society. 

This. This is what we can do. Hold the individuals who enforce government tyranny responsible for their actions. This is one way to do it, and it is completely peaceful. I don't know who the guy in the hat is, but his attitude here is a model for anyone who wants to bring about a free society: Don't make enemies of the individuals who are working for an evil system, but DO hold them accountable for their actions. 

UPDATE: Well, THAT'S embarrassing. I didn't even recognize Ammon Bundy. That's him. In the hat.