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The Sidewalk Chalk Movement


Do you own yourself 1


My 84-year-old mom has started vandalizing the sidewalks of Burbank. In her defense, so have a lot of small children. Her messages are just a little bit more provocative. She writes:


Because there are so many out walking these days, our girls and I are writing in chalk on our sidewalks "Do You Own Yourself" in honor of Butler who would open each new property class with this question to students.

I would encourage anyone who agrees that it's a good question to ask ourselves, to get out the chalk and join us.



What do you think? Does anyone else have ideas for questions or statements or little tidbits of information that might be appropriate to put on sidewalks during these times? Please post them here! ...and get out there and put them on your sidewalks too.

And yes, my sisters and I are all now getting mailings from AARP, but she still calls us her "girls."