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Anarcho Soccer Mom's Halloween Message is More Important than Ever this Year


"They tell us we should trust them with power over our lives ...but the last thing they want us to do is trust each other."

When I first made this video, seven years ago, there was a little voice nagging at me, telling me that everything I said here about how safe Halloweens really are would soon become untrue and I would one day be forced to eat my words.

I couldn't have even imagined what did happen.

But ASM's words here are more important than ever. At the foundation of any civilization is trust. The knowledge that, when you open your door and go out into the world, the likelihood of one of the people living around you coming running at you with a machete or a blowtorch is very low. That the person you are doing business with is probably not trying to steal from you, or the guy who parks your car at a restaurant isn't going to drive it into another state. 

When anyone engages in a deliberate attack on that trust, when they work to get people to be afraid of each other, to see each other as existential threats to each other, that person is engaged in an attack on civilization.

Los Angeles County health officials tried to "ban" Halloween this year. I guess they got enough resistance that they changed that stance to "recommending against." I hope they're as successful with that recommendation as California's governor was with his "illegal fireworks ban." I've never seen a more glorious display of pro-liberty community-spiritedness (and yes, they are pretty much the same thing if you think about it for more than 30 seconds) in my life.

To me, Halloween is a ritual that is all about social trust and community. I think Anarcho Soccer Mom agrees with me. Let's not let anyone destroy that.