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Elixir of Fear: A Halloween Story for Our Time


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This is a Halloween story for 2020. It is also a fanfiction tribute to one of my favorite children's writers, John Bellairs. 

You can download the full PDF below.



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Normally at this time of year, Harrison felt excitement in the crisp autumn air. Like an electrical charge. Watching the Halloween decorations go up, thinking about his costume, about Halloween parties and trick-or-treating. He was eleven now, and knew that he'd be getting too old for trick-or-treating in another year or so. But he was glad it wasn't this year.

Then again, he wasn't even sure there would be any trick-or-treating this year. Everyone was so afraid. And when he asked his parents about it, they just looked at each other and got serious expressions on their faces. He decided not to ask again.

This year, that sense of excitement was gone. There was a crispness in the air, but it came with a heaviness. Almost like something tangible oozing through the air. Something he couldn't get away from. Unseen, but slimy, dark, heavy, creeping around… like the musty old robe he had put on for the doctor's ceremony. It was almost as if that horrid old sack of rotting cloth had enveloped the whole world and was dragging down everything it touched.

The crows cawed despairingly into what was now a quiet emptiness. There would be no Halloween parties this year. He hated to think about it, but… the way things were going now, it looked like there wouldn't be Trick-or-Treating. Probably not even any decorations.

And that was the least of his problems. 


    *       *        *


Will eleven-year-old Harrison Barnavelt be able to get the magical elixir from the mysterious Dr. Faustis? Or will he end up as the victim of his evil scheme? 

Find out, in "Elixir of Fear", a work of fanfiction based on the world created by John Bellairs:

Download Elixir of Fear final for PDF


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