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End All Licensing Everywhere - Especially in Medicine




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This is a policy piece from 1995, titled "The Medical Monopoly: Protecting Consumers or Limiting Competition?" It's not like any of what is in here is new information. But good luck getting the power-motivated political system to recognize real solutions. That's not the business it is in.
We desperately need to put an end to the deadly means of political power as a way of making decisions.

From the paper:


"What should government do if it is serious about cutting health spending and improving access to affordable health care? The first step should be to eliminate the anti-competitive barriers that restrict access to low-cost providers, namely licensure laws and federal reimbursement regulations. Americans should not be forced to substitute providers against their will; rather, they should be free to choose among all types of health care providers.
"Instead of imposing strict licensure laws that focus on entry into the market but do not guarantee quality control, states should hold professionals equally accountable for the quality of their outcomes. That will reduce the need for strict licensure laws and other regulations that are purported to protect the public at large.
"The time is right for eliminating barriers to nonphysician health care providers. Many Americans are seeking low- cost nontraditional providers and even choose to pay out-of- pocket for their services. Breaking the anti-competitive barriers of licensure laws and federal reimbursement regulations will provide meaningful health reform, increase consumer choice, and reduce health care costs."
The time has always been right.