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I've written before about those who have been standing up against the state of California's outrageous power grabs in the area of medical freedom, since long before anyone ever heard of Covid-19. If you're familiar with my writing, you know that I don't believe that appealing to the better nature, or the intelligence, of politicians is going to get them to come around and see reason or decide to stop stomping on other people's rights and lives. 

And yet I have tremendous respect for the thousands of Californians–parents, mostly. Moms, mostly–who have been taking time out of their lives for YEARS now, to go and demand that the people who claim to "represent" them actually do that. If nothing else, they are exposing for the rest of us what this system is all about, and that the interests it represents are its own (and those of the folks who bankroll their positions.)

I've been watching this unfold since 2015, when SB 277 was passed, eliminating both personal belief and religious exemptions to vaccines for school–ANY school, even private–in the state. I've watched the hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of parents line up calmly to go and stand for hours to be able to stand in front of a microphone for a few seconds and say the few words allowed to them to the bored legislators who sit at the front of the room not even pretending to listen and who then go on to trample the parents' rights without a second thought.

I've never gone to testify at one of these hearings, partly because I know that I don't have it in me to remain that calm in the face of abject tyranny committed by ghoulishly arrogant petty authoritarians in that room. So I was not at all surprised to see these same parents finally begin to explode last fall. I was surprised it didn't happen sooner. And now, with the lockdowns taking most of the energy for protests, only a handful of protesters are going to the capitol to make their voices heard. Both the State Assembly and the Senate have been holding hearings this week, and will continue next week. You can see the schedules in the links in the previous sentence.

I want to encourage anyone who has the interest, and is able to, to attend some of these hearings and help support this tiny handful right now. Why?

1. If you've never seen the workings of the political machine up close, you should. It's not what they taught you in Civics 101, and it can even be quite stomach churning. I think that the more people who understand how this works, that there are these little groups of people that sit around all day coming up with laws to govern how we live our lives, what we may and may not do, and what substances must be injected into our children... well, that by itself is bad enough. And that is what we should be opposing. But the unvarnished pulling of the politicians' strings by the people who really own them is something that every American should have to witness before they say they "support democracy";

2. Getting in these peoples' faces and calling them out on their tyranny forces a reaction from them that only further demonstrates their lack of concern for our rights, or for how we feel about them. It shines a light on the fact that they are in no way accountable to the people over whom they rule;

3. Because maybe I'm wrong. Maybe going down there and making enough noise will get some of them to listen. Maybe just one. Maybe you will be the last little Who who says "Yopp" and is heard. So who am I to tell you not to try?

So please check out the hearing schedules and if you can, go down and help support the people who have been trying to make the elected representatives who sit there stop steamrolling over our most fundamental rights. If nothing else, it will be an education.