WTMWD #46: When Libertarians Cheer the Total State, with Don Boudreaux
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WTMWD #47: Why Japan is Different, ALSO: Next Week's Truly Indie Film Fest that You Won't Want to Miss







I talk with radio DJ and director of the Japan Indies Film Festival. We try to pin down what it is that makes Japan so awesome, touch on the role of immigration restrictions on culture, and even mention masks. We also talk about next week's film festival, and did I mention that it's FREE?

Japan Indies Film Festival is here - Nov. 16-17 in Japan, which is Nov. 17-18 in the US.

You can find Mike's radio show here.

The article Mike mentioned, "5 ThingsNobody Tells You About Living in Japan" is here.

"Japan REJECTS the West's Culture of Emotional Outrage" is here.

And the Walter Block article he mentions, "Thirteen Floors" is here.

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And my dad's article, "What Is Anarchy?" is here.