WTMWD #54: Does America need to break up? With Mises Institute President Jeff Deist
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What Then Must We Do? Protest? ...or Something Better?

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I am heartened to see all of the massive protests that have been going on over the past year. But I agree with Don Cooper, below, that protesting itself is not going to change what needs changing. It won't address the fundamental problem of some people being in a position to rule over other people, nor the problem of those people being insulated from any real accountability for their actions.

So what to do then? Don has some practical ideas here that I recommend listening to. My only point of disagreement with him is that I think "enough" people DO give a shit. We don't need a majority, or anything close to that. How many do we need? And how many of them need to fully recognize that it is the institution of the state that is the problem? I don't know the answers to those questions. But whatever those numbers are, I believe we are closer to them than we ever have been in my lifetime.

From Don Cooper:
People gathering together in a town square or in the streets and protesting and chanting and screaming and waving signs accomplishes absolutely nothing. People have been protesting for centuries and look where we are. The politicians don't care, in fact they encourage it since getting everyone gathered together in one place is exactly what the state wants. That way they can control the crowd, kettle them into a bottleneck and blast them with water canons, tear gas and make arrests. We have to evolve, we have to think outside the box, we have to work smarter not harder.
A new strategy is required, a strategy that takes advantage of our numbers and makes it logistically impossible for the state to prevent and physically impossible for them to use their crowd control measures because there is no crowd.
All government authority is an illusion and throughout history governments have been rendered impotent when that authority has been challenged and the illusion exposed. In government, nobody will obey you unless they believe you are in charge. Once they no longer believe you have the authority to tell them what to do, the illusion is over. That's why those running the government have to work so hard to keep the illusion alive with intimidation techniques, bright lights, loud sirens, loud voices and an omnipresence in the media. Public schools, voting, debates, parades, color guards at sporting events,government holidays and celebrations etc. the list is long.
So the strategy is to expose the illusion of government authority by no longer obeying but not in an act of civil disobedience but in our everyday lives, everywhere, every day, all the time.
There's a scene in the movie "Free Range" in which the sheriff tells two cattlemen that he has a warrant for their arrest. The cattlemen say right back to the sheriff that they have a warrant for his arrest and they mean to see it served. The sheriff immediately balked. Voila`, his illusion of authority was exposed in front of everyone and the cattlemen left. An illusion is only as good as the show you put on to create and maintain it. That's why the state's agents wear costumes and shiny badges, they have bright lights and loud sirens on their cars. They have large spot lights, a communication network and they run in groups.
We need to fundamentally change the way we live our lives every day. Instead of going out alone we need to go out in small groups of 10-20. We need a communication network and we need all the resources they have: bright lights, loud sirens etc. All of which are easily available on line. Cop Block does something very similar and now everyone needs to.
Then we go about our daily lives prepared to expose their illusion every time we go outside. Open your store, and when they show up with their people and resources, we show up with ours. If they say they're serving some sort of city order, then we serve them a written order to leave. Our piece of paper with words on it is just as valid as their piece of paper with words on it, that's the illusion. We don't stand and argue or try to reason with them, we don't even acknowledge their actions we simply mirror them, we put on the same show. We let everyone see that the people will no longer recognize their authority and expose them for the fraud they are.
Knowing the state and its history, this will no doubt lead to some of those state agents wanting to engage in violence but if everyone does it, everywhere, every day all over town, all over the state, they would be helpless to do anything about it in the long run, they simply don't have the resources. The power is now and always has been with the people.
The problem is, not enough people give a shit. They'd rather stay home and watch Netflix and eat fast food than stand up for their free-will and dignity.