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...and if you still don't think medical tyranny is a thing, that medical kidnap is real, or that hospitals are becoming prisons, just watch the video. 


HealthImpactNews reports what happened:

...many members of “People’s Rights Washington,” turned out in mass to rescue a 74-year-old woman at Legacy Salmon Creek Hospital where she had been medically kidnapped, and was being held against her will, and against the will of her daughter who has medical power of attorney for her mother.

This group of 40-50 citizens, 90% of whom were women (mothers) and their children, stared down an army dispatched from the Clark County Sheriff’s department in full riot gear, endured being grabbed by the throat and pepper sprayed, and refused to leave the hospital until 74-year-old Gayle Meyer was released back into the custody of her daughter, Satin.

Satin took her mother to the hospital the night before to get treatment for a urinary tract infection (UTI), and had been with her until 4 a.m. before returning home to get a few hours of sleep before heading back to the hospital the next day.

Their primary care physician had already written a prescription for an antibiotic, and Gayle was supposed to be released and sent home with her daughter, who is also her medical power of attorney.

But when Satin arrived at the hospital, she was told that not only could she not take her mother home, but that she could not even see her mother, because she refused to take a COVID test.

That’s when Satin called her friends, who responded by heading to the hospital to find out what was going on. The nursing staff allegedly changed their story a few times, first saying that Gayle had refused to take a COVID test and was therefore being quarantined, but then later allegedly changing their story and stating that Gayle did in fact take a COVID test, and had to remain in the hospital for at least 24 hours until the results of the test came back.


Eventually, Gayle was released, but not before a police officer grabbed her daughter by the throat, and then used pepper spray on the unarmed people – mostly women and children – standing outside the door. 

This is a beautiful example of people coming together to support each other against the tyranny we are now living under. If you are not already a member of PeoplesRights, go over there and sign up now.

And Kelli Stewart's words to the officers defending the hospital against its patients are spot on.

It is also an unfortunate example of why we need to be creating our own hospitals and medical care facilities that will not treat us like criminals or prisoners. I'm working on a proposal for just that, and will post here when it is complete.


Update: Kelli addresses the false narratives being put forward by the Clark County Sheriff Department and the media about what happened: