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How to Hold those in Power Accountable Under Common Law: Exhibit 1



I don't know if you all have noticed, but over this past year, a whole lot of people seem to have become aware of their fundamental rights. Maybe that's just what happens when they are trampled by (seemingly) unaccountable people in positions of authority.

More than that though, there seems to be a surge in awareness of the ways in which our rights are embedded in our traditions of law and justice, and a growing awareness that our current systems have strayed very far from these traditions. 

The good news is that the foundations are still there. Common law is still legitimate law in any jurisdiction that has it as part of its legal foundation. And I would argue that it is legitimate law absolutely anywhere, even if there is no such tradition, simply because every man or woman on this earth was born with inalienable rights. Actions that violate those rights are crimes whether or not some local jurisdiction recognizes them as such.

The reason I say this is good news is that we already have, within our existing systems, the tools to return our communities to common-law jurisdictions. And Tahra, and the others at The Freedom Festival, are among those educating us on specifically how we can do that.

This video, From The Freedom Festival, on YouTube, is one beautiful and courageous example.

From the description:

Amazing result by a group of lawful observers giving notice to senior Metropolitan Police officers on Saturday the 10th of October 2020 outside Downing Street.

Within seconds of being given notice by Tahra of, Chief Inspector James Hawkins directed all of his 100s of public order officers to leave the area.

A true victory for People Power using Common Law. Thank you to The Sleeping Warrior from Liverpool for producing this video. Please subscribe to his channel

Learn more about The Freedom Festival and the work they are doing to educate about common law and how to protect and assert your rights in the face of unlawful authoritarianism - including regular training sessions on Zoom, here.