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May 2021

WTMWD # 66: Externalities: Is Carrying Germs an Act of Aggression? With Don Boudreaux





Don Boudreaux is the perfect person to address the "you don't have a right to infect others" argument. Don is a professor of economics (among many other accomplishments), and he also has a law degree. So he has quite a lot to say about the nature of "externalities", both from an economic perspective and one grounded in law, and in common-law principles in particular.

We also address the question of whether the perpetrators of the devastating lockdowns and other restrictions should be held accountable for the harm they have done via something similar to the Nuremberg trials.

And in the end, I think I even manage to cheer him up a little regarding humanity's prospects for the future.

Don writes about externalities here.

...and you can find more of his writings here, or on Cafe Hayek where he blogs regularly.

Some of the LA fireworks videos we talk about are posted here.


How to Hold those in Power Accountable Under Common Law: Exhibit 1



I don't know if you all have noticed, but over this past year, a whole lot of people seem to have become aware of their fundamental rights. Maybe that's just what happens when they are trampled by (seemingly) unaccountable people in positions of authority.

More than that though, there seems to be a surge in awareness of the ways in which our rights are embedded in our traditions of law and justice, and a growing awareness that our current systems have strayed very far from these traditions. 

The good news is that the foundations are still there. Common law is still legitimate law in any jurisdiction that has it as part of its legal foundation. And I would argue that it is legitimate law absolutely anywhere, even if there is no such tradition, simply because every man or woman on this earth was born with inalienable rights. Actions that violate those rights are crimes whether or not some local jurisdiction recognizes them as such.

The reason I say this is good news is that we already have, within our existing systems, the tools to return our communities to common-law jurisdictions. And Tahra, and the others at The Freedom Festival, are among those educating us on specifically how we can do that.

This video, From The Freedom Festival, on YouTube, is one beautiful and courageous example.

From the description:

Amazing result by a group of lawful observers giving notice to senior Metropolitan Police officers on Saturday the 10th of October 2020 outside Downing Street.

Within seconds of being given notice by Tahra of https://www.TheFreedomFestival.uk, Chief Inspector James Hawkins directed all of his 100s of public order officers to leave the area.

A true victory for People Power using Common Law. Thank you to The Sleeping Warrior from Liverpool for producing this video. Please subscribe to his channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgc9...

Learn more about The Freedom Festival and the work they are doing to educate about common law and how to protect and assert your rights in the face of unlawful authoritarianism - including regular training sessions on Zoom, here.



Debunking the Debunking of VAERS


You've probably seen something like this in the past week or so:


VAERS reports can be submitted by anyone


Someone is working hard to spread the message that VAERS - the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System, that records post-vaccination injury, side effects and death - is unreliable because "anyone" can submit a VAERS report.

This is an old talking point from the camp that wants us all to believe that any ill effects from vaccines are de minimus, and are far outweighed by the benefits vaccines confer. But it's a talking point that, upon scrutiny, doesn't make a lot of sense. 

Here's why:

1. Yes, it is technically true that "anyone" can submit a report to VAERS. However knowingly submitting a false report is a Federal offense. So anyone (including vaccine-pushing trolls trying to make a point) who does this is putting a lot at risk;

2. It has been pretty well established that vaccine injuries are very much under-reported. First, there is David Kessler's paper on reporting adverse events, in which he states (regarding adverse events from all medications, not only vaccines) "Only about 1% of serious events are reported to the FDA, according to one study." That study is "Rhode Island physicians' recognition and reporting of adverse drug reactions" from Scott HD, Rosenbaum SE, Waters WJ et al, in the Rhode Island Medical Journal, 1987. 

My guess is that 1% is extreme. But other studies, and surveys, support the claim that medical professionals are failing to report vaccine injuries (only 18% of doctors said that they reported post-vaccine events in one survey, and one out of 40 in another.) And anecdotal accounts abound from parents who believe their children were harmed by vaccines, but whose doctors either failed to inform them that they could make a report, or flat-out refused to make a report on their behalf.

3. Again, yes, "anyone" can submit a report to VAERS. But who actually does?

Let's take a look:


April 26 2015


According to the VAERS site itself, in 2015, only 7% of all reports came from vaccine recipients or their parents/guardians, and another 10% came from "other sources." The rest of the reports, 83% of them, the vast, vast majority, came from vaccine manufacturers, health care providers, and state immunization programs.

So, even if we assume that every single report filed by a vaccine recipient or family member (or "other") is invalid, the totality of those reports accounts for a whopping 17% of all VAERS reports. Or at least it did back in 2015 and 2017. If "just anyone" being able to submit a VAERS report is a problem, it is not a very big one.

You may notice that I had to take this screenshot from the Wayback Machine. You may wonder why that is. Here's why: Because sometime in 2017, the folks at VAERS took this information down from their site. Or, if it is still there, I was unable to find it. 

Maybe now you're wondering why they took this information down, and whether - now that so many people are interested in VAERS, and in how "just anyone" can submit a report – they might consider putting it back up again.

So am I.



Someone REALLY Doesn't Want You to See this Summit!




Last Friday, I received this email, from the "Truth over Fear Summit" folks:

"Today is the day!  We will be digging into Patrick Coffin's Truth Over Fear summit, featuring the courageous Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, the brave clergyman who exposed two major scandals in The Catholic Church and wrote a highly compelling letter to President Trump regarding the battle between good and evil at play with the current lockdown crisis. Also on the line-up is Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Steven Mosher, Dr. Judy Mikovits, Reiner Fuellmich, and some seriously courageous experts who are battling evil with everything they've got."


About eight hours later, I got this email from them: "Truth Over Fear Summit CANCELLED by Censors." It read:

"Today was supposed to be the day that this epic list of featured speakers became open for us all. We have received hundreds of emails from you guys wondering what happened. Error messages, etc. We were able to talk to the organizers directly and our suspicions were correct—they have been censored. The Truth Over Fear Summit was cancelled and de-platformed without warning, on launch day by Kartra, their software provider."


The above is literally everything I know about the cancelling of this summit. I don't know why Kartra made the decision to cancel their support for the summit, and I hope that more details will emerge soon - including details on the lawsuit against the company for breach of contract.

But I will say that this kind of thing has become disturbingly common. In a bone-chilling announcement earlier this week, Dr. Joseph Mercola told readers that he would be deleting from his website "all articles related to vitamins D, C, Zinc, and Covid-19." 


Dr. Mercola gives a detailed accounting of official efforts to silence those who write or speak critically about vaccines. Including, in what can only be a direct violation of the First Amendment, calls by some state attorneys general for Facebook and Twitter to ban the speech of those identified by HealthGuard (part of NewsGuard, and funded by the PR firm Publicis Groupe, which is a partner with the World Economic Forum) as leading "anti-vaxxers." 

Mercola also writes about the call by Dr. Peter Hotez (president of the Gates-funded Sabin Vaccine Institute), to treat intellectual challenges to vaccine orthodoxy as "aggression" deserving of a "counteroffensive" involving a task force that would include "experts who have tackled complex global threats such as terrorism, cyber attacks and nuclear armament..."

Let that sink in for just a moment. According to this guy, who by all appearances made it all the way through medical school, a challenge to one's beliefs about the world is the equivalent of violence.

But what does any of this have to do with Vitamin D, C, or Zinc? And why has Dr. Mercola decided to remove all articles about these supplements and Covid-19 from his website?

Here's what he has to say:

"You may have noticed our website was recently unavailable; this was due to direct cyber-attacks launched against us. We have several layers of protective mechanisms to secure the website as we’ve anticipated such attacks from malevolent organizations.

"Through these progressively increasing stringent measures, I have refused to succumb to these governmental and pharmaceutical thugs and their relentless attacks. I have been confident and willing to defend myself in the court of law, as I’ve had everything reviewed by some of the best attorneys in the country.

"Unfortunately, threats have now become very personal and have intensified to the point I can no longer preserve much of the information and research I’ve provided to you thus far. These threats are not legal in nature, and I have limited ability to defend myself against them. If you can imagine what billionaires and their front groups are capable of, I can assure you they have been creative in deploying their assets to have this content removed."


If this doesn't send a chill up your spine, then I'm not sure what will. I am tempted to say that we are living in unprecedented times, but the truth is that the desire of powerful people to censor information that runs counter to whatever their agenda is at the moment is nothing new. Even schoolchildren should be able to point to a few prominent examples from history. But what is deeply, deeply, disturbing is the extent to which, even today, even in the year 2021, so very few people even recognize it for what it is, or if they do, are disturbed by it.

If you are among the few who are rightly disturbed by what is going on here, then I hope you will take a look at the Truth Over Fear Summit, now being held this coming Friday - the day after tomorrow. They've rebuilt on a new platform, and the Summit will be running for three days starting on May 7th at 8:00am Pacific Time. 

You'll hear about topics from treatments such as Ivermectin that are being suppressed, herd immunity, Covid-19 vaccine injury, the threat of mandated vaccination... and perhaps most importantly, how to fight back. Reiner Fuellmich, who is leading the charge to hold perpetrators of human-rights crimes accountable for their actions, will be speaking on Saturday, as will Barbara Loe Fisher and Peggy Hall. If you're serious about real solutions to this madness, you will want to hear these people.

You can see all of that by going here.

Yes, this is an affiliate link. Yes, I will get a little something if you click on it (I think). But what I've just described is part of the "Free Pass" program, and there's also more content that you can pay for. Whether you pay or not though, I hope you will check it out if for no other reason than to show the censors that they aren't going to win this.