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WTMWD #71: Jeff Tucker on the launch of the Brownstone Institute - and the racist history of infectious-disease fearmongering



In this episode, I speak with long-time liberty hero and entrepreneur Jeff Tucker, about his launching of the Brownstone Institute in response to the worldwide authoritarian response to Covid-19, and why the Institute's efforts are so needed now.

We also talk about one of the primary - but little talked about - driving forces behind racial segregation and the eugenics movement: Fear of infectious disease, and the belief that those of "inferior" races were more likely to be disease vectors than were those of "superior" genetic makeup.

You can read Jeff's piece on that here.

...and his book on the lockdowns is here.

The book we discuss in this episode is "The Great Covid Panic: What Happened, Why, and What To Do Next", and can be found here.

Sunetra Gupta's book is here.

I mentioned FreedomCells - you can learn more about them here.

You can visit - and support - the Brownstone Institute, here.