Propaganda and the Personal
6 Years Ago, I Wrote this Piece on Vaccine Mandates - But it's Really About Narrative Manipulation

WTMWD #72: How to arm your teen against the Brave New World? I talk with Ernie Hancock about Freogan Fellowship Learning

Ernie podcast Oct 1

I was on "Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock" last week, talking about my new venture: The Freogan Fellowship Ministry. (It's the first interview here, although you might want to stay on for the second one  with Dave Ridley, about the New Hampshire secession bill!)

We talk about the mission of Freogan Fellowship (rebuilding the foundations of civilization for free men and women), the origins of the word "Freogan", and our first project: Freogan Fellowship Learning, and the classes for teens that we'll be offering later this month:

"Propaganda and the Personal" - This course will explore propaganda, politics, and the personal, with a focus on the 20th Century up to the present moment. We will examine some of the key players, the ideologies, and the techniques that have led us to the current crisis, as well as what our part in it has been and could be. 

"Our Common-Law Foundations" - This course will utilize the Socratic method to explore the roots of the modern western legal system. We will be using outside sources, and students should expect lots of real-time conversation. There will be some reading to be done outside of class, as well as some thinking.

 Beginning in the spring, we will also offer courses in literature, history, and economics.

Parents can get more details, and sign up for classes here.

...sign up before October 10th to get the Early Bird rate!